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Yoga Teaser Pose

The Yoga teaser pose is an easy pose to do. It derives its name as you put yourself in a difficult balancing position and try to stay in this position for as long as you comfortably can. This pose helps you to nourish your hips, spine, glutes (buttocks), quads (thighs), knees, and also the hamstrings behind your knees. In addition, it also stretches your ankles, feet, shoulders, and neck.

This being basically a balancing pose where you stretch your entire body, all the tendons and ligaments are stretched to help you stay in this position. You also manage and compress your abdominal muscles and this helps you to reduce flab around your midriff. You start doing this pose from a seated position. Sit on your buttocks on a yoga mat with your legs spread straight down your hips and arms by your sides.

Ensure that your spine is straight and is not curved either to your right or left, and your shoulders are directly above your hips. This erect posture is important when you do the steps that are to follow.

Inhale deeply, as you exhale, straighten your legs so that your inner thighs and calves are pressed against the floor. Lengthen your glutes (buttocks) and quads (thighs). Stretch your legs by pointing your toes straight in front of you.

Lift your arms and make them horizontal to the floor. Stiffen your biceps and triceps, but keep your shoulders soft by shuffling them. Now comes the slightly difficult and tricky step as you need to balance yourself by lifting your feet off the floor. Lift them just enough by a foot or so, and at the same time lower your back slightly to the floor. The trick here is to hold on to the angle of your torso with your legs, when you were sitting, by lifting your feet and lowering your back by the same extent.
With your feet off the floor, keep your arms horizontal to the floor and hold your balance. B

ut at no stage in this exercise should you hold your breath. Keep breathing slowly and consciously. You lift yourself up on your tailbone and balance yourself on your buttocks and keep your arms and legs steady. Engage the muscles of your abdomen and stretch out forward with your arms and feet. This would help you to hold your balance in this rather awkward position.

Fix your gaze on any imaginary point in front of you. This would help you to hold your balance and stay in this position. Pause at this step for between five to seven breaths and then lower your legs to the floor and straighten your back to exit this pose.


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