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Yoga Retreats in Arizona

The heart of Yoga truly resides in the body’s ability to feel centered, peaceful and strong, and the study of Yoga is one that encompasses all of the senses. Most of us practice Yoga in a strictly utilitarian way…by going to the local gym or studio, rolling out our mats and focusing on our bodies and minds, but many have realized that there is nothing that awakens the inner strength and peace of the mind and body than practicing postures in the great outdoors. Arizona offers some of the most wonderful Yoga retreats in all of the United States, where a person can truly channel the ancient and mystical allure of the land while practicing.

Sedona is nestled in the Pinion forests of northern Arizona, just over 100 miles from the Grand Canyon. Native Americans regarded this area as one of the most powerful spiritual vortexes in the entire world, reserving it for only the most important of spiritual ceremonies. Today, Sedona has all of the charm and allure that one would expect from a place with so much history, and it is home to some of the most incredible yoga retreats in all of the state.

“Sedona Spirit Yoga” in conjunction with the “YogaLife Academy” offers one of the most amazing yoga retreats in all of the Western United States. Retreats typically last 3 to 4 days, and participants are immersed in in-depth yoga instruction, both indoors and outdoors. One of the best parts of these retreats are the “vortex hikes”, where you will be led to key points along the majestic red rock mountains surrounding Sedona in order to tap in to the spiritual power of land. Participants will also receive chakra clearing and vortex energy instruction, optional massages/healings/psychic readings, and the chance to learn from the best instructors in the area. Accommodations are at the Sedona Real Inn, where guests will be pampered in their own private balcony suite, have full access to pool and spa, and a continental breakfast.

The “7 Centers Yoga Arts” was the first studio established in Sedona. This studio offers in-depth training for both the individual and the yoga instructor, where intensive study is desired. Retreats include daily, intensive work with Kudalini Yoga practices including chanting, postures, and meditation. Afternoons include a wonderful vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch and journal time where participants are encouraged to walk among the red rocks and explore the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether as they should be in nature. While most retreats focus on a group learning environment, one of the things that makes this studio wonderful is their ability to tailor a retreat for each individuals needs. Just call and speak with one of the knowledgeable staff and you will be on your way to spiritual enlightenment!

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Valley of the Sun, or Phoenix, is the largest city in Arizona. For hundreds of years, this land was inhabited by the Hohokam peoples, as was the site of many spiritual and metaphysical rituals. The land surrounding Phoenix has all of the mysterious charm that the desert is known for possessing, and there is scarcely a place better for attending a retreat focused on awakening the body and soul.

“At One Yoga” actually has two very well known studios; one in the city of Phoenix and a second not far away in the charming town of Scottsdale. “At One Yoga” is truly focused on putting a modern spin on the practice of yoga; it’s truly “East meets West” at this studio, with modern fashion and music blending with ancient yoga practices. They offer over one hundred weekly classes between their two studios, as well as many workshops and retreats guided by internationally recognized instructors. If you’re looking to create your own yoga retreat experience, check out their diverse calendar of events and plan to visit for a few days, or look in to one of their many multi-day workshops. The experience at “At One” is definitely something you won’t soon forget!