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Yoga Reclining Angle Pose

The Yoga Reclining Angle Pose is one of those poses of yoga that can be called a relaxation pose. But it has been included in yoga for its salutary effects on the body like stimulating the abdominal organs to secrete better and give exercise to your spine, shoulders, back, arms and legs.

However, before you start doing it; please do consult your physician, especially if you suffer from sharp fluctuations in your blood pressure, or hip and spine related ailments. Also learn to do this pose under the guidance of a yoga tutor, so you do it right the first time itself.

Lie down on a mat and keep a folded blanket or a few flat pillows under your head and torso. This prop is necessary as your torso needs to be in a slightly raised position as compared to your hips and legs.

Bend your legs from the knees, and join the foot soles of your right and left legs. The toes of your right and left feet, point out away from you. Spread your legs in such a way that your right knee is lowered to the mat to your right and likewise your left knee too is lowered to the mat to your left.

But your knees need not touch the mat, so lower your legs only as much as you comfortably can. Your inner groins need to be soft. If you push the knees down forcibly, your inner groins would stretch too much.

Ensure that your spine is straight and is not curved to either the right or left. Also check if your buttocks are below the folded blankets (or pillows) and so are slightly lower than your back.

Beginners would find being in this posture rather uncomfortable, so you may place a couple of pillows under your thighs and knees. This would ensure that there isn’t too much strain on your thighs, and you are comfortable in this posture.

Now inhale, and as you exhale, extend your arms by your sides at the level of your shoulders. Place your palms upturned facing the ceiling, and keep them soft. You do not have to clench your fists. Your arms need not be straight. They can be slightly bent at the elbows, so keep your elbows soft too.

Pause at this position and breathe softly. This pose stretches your lower abdomen and helps in improving digestion. It also stretches your inner thighs and hips.

Stay in this position as long as you find it comfortable, and then lift your knees and straighten your legs.


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