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Yoga Poses which help to Develop a Flexible Body

Yoga poses which help to develop a flexible body

You start doing this exercise sequence from sitting in a cross-legged position.

~ Steps to do the sequence of yoga poses for developing a flexible body

1: Sit cross legged and keep your spine erect. Breathe easy to relax and stay mellow, open up release your stress before proceeding to do the following steps.

2: Shift to a position where you cross your legs placing your right shin on your left thigh. Join your palms at the level of your heart.

3: Inhale and on your exhale extend your left leg to your left and right leg to your right. You begin with bending sideway from your hips to your right side while keeping your palms joined. Rest your right elbow on the mat to support you in this position. Repeat this step by bending to your left side.

4: Shift to a cross-legged position in the Sukhasana pose and rest your arms on your thighs. Touch your thumb to your index finger. Pause before proceeding further.

5: Sit in the Padmasana (Lotus Pose) with your foot soles facing upwards. This is slightly difficult. Place your arms and palms as you did in the earlier step. Breathe easy and focus on your breath.

6: These steps calm your mind and prepare you for the more complex poses.

7: Stand erect, spread your legs and bend sideways to your right and lower your right arm to the mat and place your right palm flat on the mat. This is the Triangle pose.

8: Sit on your buttocks and lift your legs and back up and hold your calves with your palms. This is the Boat Pose.

9: Sit on your buttocks rotate your arms behind your back and lift your hips up and make your spine erect. Rest your torso on your arms and legs (your legs are bent at the knees) while facing upwards. This is the Table Pose.

10: Be on all fours and lift your hips to be the highest position in our body. Lower your head between your arms. This is the Down Dog pose.

~ How to exit the sequence of yoga poses for developing a flexible body

1: Exit from the down dog pose by lowering your hips to the mat and sitting on your buttocks in a position you find comfortable to you.

2: Breathe easy and pause for some time before proceeding to do any other exercise sequence.