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Yoga Poses Twisting Chair Pose

The twisting chair pose of yoga is a further adaptation of the traditional yoga chair pose. Here you add another element of a twist to this pose which already has bending, balancing and stiffening elements. This pose helps to nourish your quads (thighs), calf muscles, knees, ankles, and feet. In addition it gives a good exercise to your hips and spine which are twisted when you do this pose.

You start doing this pose from a standing position and place your feet together, with the big toes of your feet touching each other. Ground your feet into the floor to give you a firm foothold. This kind of firm base is necessary to enable you to hold your balance, as you do the steps that are to follow.

Ensure that your spine is straight and is not curved to either the right or the left. Bring your hands together and join your palms. Now bend down from your hips and knees and pretend as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Up to this point all steps are same as in the traditional yoga chair pose.

But from here onwards you introduce a variation by turning your head and shoulders either to your right or to your left. But the essential aspect here is that you do not turn from your hips. Your hips remain in the same position, so in this suspended position your spine feels a nice twist.

Now add another variation here by bending down sideways and lower your left shoulder (if you have turned to your left) a few inches towards the floor. This is a tricky move and beginners would feel that they would lose their balance and fall. So it is very necessary that you give yourself time to learn to do these steps, one after the other, over a period of a few days or even weeks. Only after you master one step, should you move on to do the next step.

You can support your precarious posture by resting your left elbow on your right knee. This would help you to stay in this position. Keep breathing slowly and consciously and do not hold your breath. The tendency is to hold your breath as you are in a precarious position, but do not do so. You may pause here for between three to five breaths and then exit this pose.

You will need to exit this pose as slowly and in a controlled manner as you got into it. There should be no jerky movements, as you may trip and fall or suffer from nasty sprains. The essence is controlled movement. So raise your shoulders and then turn to face forward. After this, straighten your knees and hips and stand up straight.


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