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Yoga Happy Baby Pose

The Happy Baby pose is one of the easier yoga poses to do. The easiest way to learn do it, is to observe how a baby would lift its arms and legs and try to hold them as it rocks from side to side. All of us have done this pose, when we were infants, but obviously do not remember it now. So observing a baby do it, is the best way to re-learn it, and also see how a baby does it instinctively.

This pose benefits the spine, shoulders, arms and legs. It also help to improve the circulation of blood all over the body. While this is an easy pose, you may consult your physician and yoga teacher before you start doing this asana (pose). This is to be on the safe side, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or any neck or back related disorder.

To start doing this pose, you sit on a mat and spread your legs in front of you. Bend down backwards and lower your back to rest it on the carpet. As you lie down, ensure that your spine is straight and not bent. This precaution is necessary as, when your back is curved in either direction, it could hurt your spine as you do this pose.

Place your arms by your side and inhale. Hold your breath for some time, and then as you exhale, you may raise both your legs up. As you do so, you may bend your legs from the knees. Place your hands on your knees, and draw your thighs near your abdomen and chest. Pause here for some time and then spread both your legs to either side, using your arms to regulate the movement of your legs.

Do a rocking motion, as you roll your hips from right to left. This movement is a warm up for the actions that follow. After doing this motion for some time, you may lift both your legs upwards till your foot soles face the ceiling. Hold your feet with your hands, by placing your palms on the inside of your feet at the arches of both your feet.

You hold the right foot with your right hand and left foot with your left hand. Press your fingers against your feet to ensure that you have a firm grip. Keep your arms straight, without bending them at the elbows.

Now repeat the rocking motion from right to left, as you hold your feet with your palms. After rocking this way for some time, you may wrap your fingers around your big toes and stretch both your legs to either side, as much as you find it comfortable. At this stage too, you may rock yourself from right to left.

After repeating these steps for some time, you may release holding your legs and lower them to the mat. Rest your arms by your sides and breathe normally for some time before getting up.


Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose – Ananda Balasana

Happy Baby