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Yoga Handstand Yoga Blocks

The handstand is an acrobatic yoga exercise. It is quite beneficial in many ways. Mainly so, as your heart is above your head when you do this pose. Due to this posture, you derive many benefits like improving the flow of blood to your brain and face, leading to better vision, improved memory, better facial skin tone, reduction of hair loss, etc.

But then, the hand stand is not a simple exercise, and only the young and supple can go in for it. If you suffer from variations in your blood pressure, elbow or wrist injury, postural vertigo, you should skip this exercise. You also need to give yourself time to master this pose and learn to do it under the supervision and support of a yoga tutor.

To do the high handstand with blocks, you are adding another element to an already difficult acrobatic pose. So go about doing it carefully. Start from a standing position. Place a couple of yoga blocks in front of you. Bend forward to place your palms on the blocks.

To have a better grip on the block, place your thumbs and pinky finger on either side of the blocks. Walk your feet behind, till your hips are the highest point in your posture. Ensure that your arms are not bent from the elbows.

Inhale, and on your exhale, walk your legs a couple of steps forward. Use the same momentum to press the blocks down with your arms, and raise one leg, say your left leg, upwards. As you begin lifting your leg, do move your upraised leg up and down in a rhythmic movement to give you added momentum.

As you do so, bend the other leg (the right leg in this case) from the knee to give yourself that spring like momentum, as you heave yourself up to lift your left leg. As your left leg reaches up, release your right leg from the floor and raise it too.

At this stage, controlled momentum is necessary to prevent yourself from toppling over. You will, over a period of time, develop the skill to control your momentum, so that you can stabilize your legs when they are in the upside down position. Engaging your abdominal muscles is part of the success in being able to lift your legs.

This is a difficult pose and you will require practicing it over a few days, perhaps weeks to do it like an expert.


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