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Yoga Grasshopper Pose

The Yoga Grasshopper pose is also known as the locust pose. This pose is very effective in nourishing your spine as you hold your spine in an unsupported position by balancing yourself on your belly. In addition to nourishing your spine, this pose is also helpful in nourishing your hips, glutes (buttocks), quads (thighs), calf muscles, knees and ankles.

You start doing this pose from a kneeling position. Your thighs are resting on your calf muscles and your heels on your buttocks. Keep your spine erect and inhale deeply. As you exhale, slide forward to come on all fours and then rest yourself on your abdomen.

Place your feet with your toenails touching the floor and bend your arms from the elbows and place your palms flat on the mat. Straighten and then stretch your arms behind you and upturn your palms. Lower your chest and shoulders to the mat. Align your neck and head with your spine and lift your head a few inches above the floor.

Inhale deeply and stiffen your spine. Push the floor down with your hands and feet and then lift your feet off the mat. Beginners may not be able to lift both their feet off the floor more than a few inches. You may practice by lifting one foot at a time and over a period of a few days you should be able to lift both feet off the floor.

With your feet aloft the floor, lift your arms too. However you should maintain the alignment of your head and neck with your spine. Once you stabilize yourself in this position, lift your head a bit, to face straight ahead. Now also lift your arms a bit more and then move your arms behind your back and place them on your buttocks. Press the back of your hand against your buttocks, and use this pressure to lift your legs and chest further aloft the mat. At this position your spine is curved and is held in this position due to your having stiffened it. It is not supported from anywhere except for your abdomen that is resting on the floor.

Thus your spine is nourished. If you begin to do the Grasshopper pose regularly early in life, you would build your body’s resistance against hip and lower spine related ailments like sciatica and slipped disc. But those who already suffer from these ailments need to first consult their physician before they do this asana (pose).


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