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Yoga for Immunity Anti Aging and Hormonal Health

The desire not to look aged is a universal one. And any claim that yoga, or any other discipline can help to you halt or reverse the process of ageing will be looked up with skepticism. Ageing is normal, but you can certainly prevent age from affecting your general agility, energy levels and also keep the adrenalin flowing. The different sequences of yoga poses for immunity, anti-aging and hormonal health are aimed at keeping you hale and hearty.

Here we describe one such sequence. You start doing this sequence by sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat. Start with a session of conscious breathing. Do the single nostril breathing by blocking the right nostril and breathing in through the left nostril and then blocking the left nostril to breathe out through the right nostril. You can follow this up with Kapalbhati, or breaths of fire, where you inhale deeply once, and exhale between three to five times, repeatedly.

After a session of conscious breathing you can start by doing the cat-cow pose from a seated position. Lift your spine and thrust chest out and inhale deeply. Curve your neck and turn your face upwards slightly. As you do this, place your hands on your knees and push against your knees to straighten your spine to enable you to inhale better.

Now tug at your knees with your hands and bend forward, lower your head slightly and curve your back outwards, as you breathe out in a long sustained exhalation. When you breathe this way, you lift your pelvic floor muscles and so you also stimulate your abdominal and reproductive organs.

You can follow this up by rotating your hips from this cross-legged seated position. Thrust your chest out as you curve your back inwards and then bend forward as you lower your head and curve your back outwards. Use your hands which you have placed on your knees, to regulate your movement. Rotate yourself in a clockwise, and then an anti-clockwise direction.
Now lift your arms as you inhale and reach up. Exhale, as you lower your arms and twist to your left from your hips. Place your right palm on your left knee and move your left arm behind your back. Repeat this twist to your right.

Shift to a position of sitting on your buttocks with your legs spread in front of you. Bend your legs from the knees and do a sequence of the fists of fire. Here you clench your palms into fists, and as you inhale, lift your arms up, and exhale as you lower your arms and rotate them alongside your torso to bring them down up to the level of your hips.

You can continue these sequences by getting into the Chair pose, and proceed to do the Twisting Chair pose, and the Pigeon pose. Through such a sequence you can stimulate your nervous system your endocrine system, reproductive as well as you digestive system. All this contributes to keeping you healthy and lessening the effect of ageing on your body.


Yoga for Immunity, Anti-Aging and Hormonal Health

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Yoga for immunity anti aging and hormonal health


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