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Yes or no Fertiltiy Treatments – Yes

Women with children should be able to undergo infertility treatments to have more children. Would you want to see an absolute NO, or prefer to take it on a case to case basis? I do not believe there should be a law saying that there should be no fertility treatments offered to women who have already had children. The government is getting into too many aspects of our lives. I do not wish for them to control our bodies too. What right do those of us that have our children, or have decided against having any, have no right to decide what is good someone else. It seems as if “I have mine, I don’t care about yours” mentality.

I do believe that the medical community should regulate themselves. People should have the means to support the children that they have; both in nurturing and monetarily. Doctors should have questions as to why their patient wants a child, or just more children. If a couple has one child with disabilities, and they can afford a second child; I can see nothing wrong with them having another child.

IIf the couple has several children, then I am against them getting help to have more children in most circumstances. This is just my opinion and my reasoning. Sometimes people need to be protected against themselves, because they let their heart overtake their mind. My Grandmother once told me that “Common Sense Is Not Very Common”. I believe that covers why the medical community needs to regulate fertility treatments.

There are people that feel that their sole purpose in life is to have and raise children. There are also many couples that are out there, that could never have children without the help of fertility treatments. How many of you reading this would not be here without such help? People that really want to have children are usually the type of people that make great parents. They really want children and will go to extra expense, and the mental and physical agony associated with these procedures.

I am not the one that is going to say “No” you can not have any more children, to these people. I would not want the government to say “No” either. Let’s let the medical community make guidelines that are reasonable and acceptable. Most people are responsible and will do the right thing with no regulation. Hopefully, the medical community will take care of the people that need help and guidance.

There are just too many exceptions to this question, to give an absolute Yes or No. Could you honestly make this judgment, and be responsible for all the possible consequence of ruining the life of one or more people? I personally cannot! I believe in “Live and Let Live”. I try to have faith in people and their ability to do the right thing. The truth of the matter is that this is really none of our business. This should be between the couple, the doctor and their God and not the government!