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Writing Inspirational Happiness Joy Love Peace Drama Life Challenegs Termoil Grief Trauma

Drama, as we know it, is just one type of life’s daily challenges. There are far too many greater challenges, such as devastation, trauma, grief, etc. And life will always have it’s challenges which we must face.

We must understand and accept that challenges are a part of our life. However, that does not mean that we can not have a wonderful life, or that we are unworthy, or doomed. It is simply our acceptance of life’s daily challenges which becomes the first step in living free from any limitations of true peace, happiness, love, and joy.

We hold many powers, and often times we choose to use those powers in a negative way. Our ego often gets in the way, and we respond to the ego’s need to diminish or destroy something else. And sometimes, at any cost. This, which we know through experience; only feeds another ego’s need to defend itself, and at which point drama unfolds, and becomes a snowball of turmoil.

We have the power to make the choice to act on our ego, or to act on the needs and desires of our true self. Our true inner values and beliefs. The ego is simply thoughts of the mind, and it is not who we really are…eternally. Ego is the reason for the debate in our head when making certain decisions which we know are bad choices, yet we allow the ego to talk us into it. And it is simply for self gratification, however, it is always temporary because the ego is never satisfied for long and then it looks for something else to bring it satisfaction.

But the powers we hold are far more powerful, meaningful, and purposeful than we often use them for. Our authentic self holds the power to bring us the true happiness, peace, love, and joy which we all thrive to have in life. And it is simply when we make the right choices in life that we experience these things, and the blessings that come with it.

Know the difference between who you truly are and the ego which lingers in your head. Be the person who you long to be deep down by acting on the responses from the heart. Move forward in a positive direction, including the challenges that come your way. You will find, through every effort to be in the moment as it comes to you, and moving past these moments with who you truly are as a person; your life will become fulling in every way. And you will be a blessing to yourself and others as you shine through all that you do in life with good meaning and purpose.