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Worst Abdominal Exercises

The perfect abs…everyone is out to find the perfect abs. It’s no big surprise that in this health crazed world exercise had become big business. Now days there are gym memberships, personal trainers, work-out videos, and of course the very popular “as seen on TV” exercisers that promise miracles. With all the clutter and confusion out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what is really effective. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exercises and pick out which ones are a pure “waiste” of your time.

First and foremost, I wish people would get the whole abdominal crunch exercise out of there exercise routine. This staple in most exercise regimens does more harm than good. Of course it does help to tone or strengthen your muscles, but the potential damage you could be doing to yourself really isn’t worth all that effort. Neck injuries are very common in this manuever. So not only does this exercise not work, you could really hurt yourself. The reason for so many neck injuries is improper technique. Even while performing the exercise properly, there are minimal results. Basically not worth all the pain and trouble.

Another big flop is pretty much all of those miracle machines they are advertising all the time on television. The Ab Rocker and Ab Roller top the list of “trendy” exercise machines which clearly do not produce the results they advertise. Of course let’s mention the fact that the Ab Roller was not at the bottom of the list as was it’s rival the Ab Rocker. A good way to throw away money, but not the ideal way to get results. So don’t pick up the phone and charge that just yet. Take a deep breath and put the phone down, a solemn promise they don’t work!

Finally, the abs exercise pulling tube, boy that’s a mouthful, but a total waste of your time. It is basically the same thing as an abdominal crunch, with the exception of an elastic tube that is supposed to create resistance and maximize your work-out. Here once again the neck injuries come into play. Sadly, it is a fraud as well. Just another take on the same old same old. Another way for someone to make money on something that no one really needs, but suddenly everyone wants due to it’s insane promises. Remember people there are no miracles to the perfect abs. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

So now the facts have been laid out for you to absorb. If you don’t want to spend your time working for results that never appear, then please heed my advice and stay away from these bad boys. They will do absolutely nothing for you or you abdominal muscles. Just stick to the basic bicycle crunch and the captain’s chair exercise if you want results. Not all exercises must be difficult!