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Workout Dvds

Great body, great health! These are the two things you will achieve by doing the Turbo Jam workouts. I have been using these workouts for a couple years now and I absolutely love them! There are several DVDs in the collection so you never get bored. One day you can do abs, another weight training, while the next day you can do cardio. I quite often do a couple different sessions in one day. The music is great and Chalean, (the creator) is so full of energy and enthusiasm you can’t help but get into the workouts. I also purchased an additional dvd that is a more intense cardio workout called Punch, Kick and Jam. I really get into this workout. It’s a little longer but really intense. I know I’m really shedding some calories with this workout as well as toning up.

A few months ago I saw that Chalean had come out with a new kind of workout system. It’s called Chalean Extreme. It’s a weight training system. As I am getting a little older I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate more weight training in my workout to help strengthen my bones. Since I was already enjoying Chalean’s Turbo Jam, I thought I’d give the Extreme a try. Well I’m thrilled that I tried it! You work different muscle groups each time as well as incorporate cardio and even yoga. I can’t believe how much my body has changed! I have lost 8 inches in total and 15 pounds. Best of all I really look forward to doing the workouts. When I first started the program i was using 4, 8 and 10 pound weights. Now I am incorporating 15 and 20 pound weights. I can’t believe I can actually lift such heavy weights!

Now I’ll bet your thinking that I’m probably starting to look like a weight lifter. Well that’s just not the case. My arms are really nicely toned but not to the point where I look like I should be in a competition. My thighs and butt are not only smaller, but I am so much more flexible it’s truly unbelievable. I was initially not crazy about doing the yoga section of this workout, but now I’m glad I tried it. Having greater flexibility is really nice. It’s also very relaxing, and who doesn’t need some relaxation these days.

I’d like everyone to give these workouts a try. Everyone deserves to be in the best health they can be in. You’ll be happier and your family and friends will be happier too. Maybe once they see how well you’re doing and how great you look and feel they’ll even want to join you. Good health to all!