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Working Hard even after Dark

Jogging is a great way to stay in shape and take your mind off of the day’s worries. Most people that jog do it when it is convienent and for enjoyment. For some, jogging takes place a few minutes after work, or in the mornings just before breakfast.

Whenever the runner decides to run, the most important thing is to run habitually. It would be the most beneficial to run when the body has gotten used to a set pattern, and can adapt to most conditions.

People that jog at night however have some different views as to the benefits of running post-sunset. Many joggers running after dark insist that it helps the body recover better, and will help the body go to sleep faster.

The body’s temperature is higher during this time of day, which makes the body respond to the physical workout it is getting. The body’s hormones are at an all time high and can stimulate growth and development of the body’s cells. Further information suggests that the body will have better reaction time and release more hormones for the stimulation of body cell reproduction and manifestation.

As for the safety of running after dark, most need to follow these three simple rules:

Be visible

It is so important to wear clothes that are reflective to both the oncoming and ongoing traffic in your running area. Most joggers forget to wear reflective shoes that help be seen from distances far and close. When jogging in the dark, you must be seen by everyone so that your patterns in the dark are seen by all who come around your jogging areas.

Buddy jog

Find someone that is willing to get in shape with you. It is always better to run with someone else in the dark, just in case you encounter a problem and need assistance. It could be that you experience a physical condition that would cause you to need assistance to alleviate any condition you might have. It will also help your social well-being to have someone jog with you.

Know your area

If you don’t do some early scouting while the sun is out you will miss obstacles that might cause you harm or injury. It is also beneficial to know the area in case emergencies arise that you would need to use a phone or get help. Hitting potholes and tree roots in the dark can cause ankle injuries and falls that no one wants to deal with.

Running after dark can be a great time for you to exert energy and wind down from a hard day or to just lose weight. Be careful to consult a physician before starting any strenuous workouts.