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Work out with a Work out Buddy to Lose that Excess Weight

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world, sang Barbara Streisand. Dieters unite, grab a friend, your life partner, a family member or even your best buddy-your dog, and get working out. A proven fact is that people who own a pet live longer and can lower their blood pressure.

Now more facts are coming out that you can lose weight with the help of a friend. It really comes down to common sense. Everything is easier, more interesting, and more fun to do when you enlist the aid of a friend. Anything worth doing is worth doing with a firend.

Motivation is the key to success.

A friend will help keep you motivated into losing the amount of desired weight by giving you the necessary help. It’s beyond boredom doing the same exercises everyday alone. But when a friend exercises with you, the two of you can try different things, and talk to each other. You can get some great friend time in while exercising. You can gossip about neighbors or co-workers. You can listen to music you both enjoy and have a little fun, while burning off those pounds

.By working out with just one friend you will have more motivation. Your friend can call you and tell you to shake that groove thing. Just imagine shaking that groove thing with an entire class of friends! You can lose weight together and cheer each other on to losing weight. When your friend loses more weight than you one week, she can motivate you into doing what she just did. By sharing her success story. Share her joy, because after all, you helped her lose all that weight, now didn’t you?

You will have a friend to complain to.

The two of you will have someone to complain to when you get to a certain point of boredom in working out. You can laugh and enjoy each other’s company. You can give each other helpful hints on how to lose weight. Just like any good friend would do, she will tell you that a certain guy already has a girlfriend, when he flirts with you. She can tell you what foods to eat, and she can tell her what she ate, or didn’t eat to lose all that weight.

You will be sharing a common goal.

Sharing is caring. You will be sharing your weight loss horror stories with someone else. You will be sharing how many calories you can each have. Most importantly, you will have a friend to work out with. You can share your workout equipment. You can join a gym together and have a buddy to hide behind during the more strenuous workout classes. You can laugh at the good weight loss times, and cry at the bad weight loss times. You can grow a communal garden of healthy to eat foods that the two of you can share in your way to losing excess poundage. Share walking together to make the walk more interesting, and chat up a storm while getting to know your friend better. You will also have protection against neighborhood bullies, and the neighborhood know it all, which may come running out at you to talk you off of her front lawn.

While you are commiserating with your best friend about your common weight lose goals, you can listen to I’ll Be there for you by the Rembandts, and the all time classic hit by Bette Midler, “Wind Beneath my wings”. These songs may also come in handy while you are working out with your friend.