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Women get your Sex Drive Back

Sex drive, what’s that? That’s the question I use to ask myself. After having my first daughter, I noticed that all of a sudden I had no desire for a sex life. It wasn’t that my husband wasn’t trying, it wasn’t that I didn’t find him attractive, and it wasn’t that I didn’t want him. There was just no desire in me at all to have sex. I could have gone for months at a time without it ever crossing my mind unless my husband reminded me about it. I let this go on for too long. Finally I went to my doctor and he gave me some very valuable information.

First of all, we discussed my birth control method. I was taking birth control pills at the time. Birth control pills cause a major side effect of loss of sex drive. It’s no wonder they keep you from getting pregnant, you’ve got to have sex to get pregnant! These pills were the cause of me losing my sex drive. My doctor gave me a new prescription to try that was a lower dosage than what I had been taking. I noticed a difference within the first month of taking them. Not only did I feel better, but I did have a desire for sex again.

If you are using birth control pills and have noticed a change in your sex drive, talk with your doctor. There are many different pills out there and they all react to your body in different ways. Not only birth control pills, if you have started any new medication and notice a difference, talk to you doctor.

Another thing that my doctor told me was that I needed to get to a healthier weight for my age and height. My BMI (body mass index)was greater than 30 which meant that I was considered obese. For more information on BMI or to calculate your BMI, you can go to this site:

Being overweight not only made me tired more easily, but it made me feel unattractive. I didn’t like the way I looked naked, why should my husband? Once I started losing a little bit of weight by following a low fat, low calorie diet, I noticed that I started feeling better about myself. I started wanting to dress a little sexier, which in turn would draw attention from my husband.

My doctor encouraged me to exercise. Exercise gives you more energy to make it through the day. The only problem for me was finding the energy to actually do it. I found that if I got up a little earlier and got some kind of exercise for 30 minutes, that I actually did feel better and did have energy. Once I finally made it to act of exercising, I knew that I was doing the best thing that I could do for my body.

These recommendations really helped me get my sex drive back to what I consider a healthy appetite for someone who has been with their spouse for over eight years and have two young children that demand all of our attention. I feel better about myself and I feel sexier. I’m sure that my husband would agree that going to the doctor was the best thing that I did to determine the cause of my problem. I did not like feeling no desire at all, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.