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Winter Fitness

This article is going to provide you with a great, very simple, body weight strength training routine.

This, my workout method, is based on a few principles. These principles are what you use, not only to make it “work”, but to excel in your results. In other words, these principles are absolute cornerstones of this method.

The principles are: constant action, constant variation, go for 100% and right action.

These principles “go into each other” – in other words work synergically – so it is hard to pick them out, individually, and say how they work. But I will try and give you an outline.

Actually, there are no exercises in this method. You just use the principles. What you do is, when you workout the shoulders you just start using your body in a way that puts pressure on them. In other words, you start taking action. And, as I said, the action is a constant. So, you put the shoulders under pressure. If you have a hard time figuring out how to do that, all you need to do is stop THINKING about it and start feeling your shoulders. Yes, actually feel them. You will feel when stress is put on them.

Apply the principles of constant action, constant variation and right action in tandem, to find out what works. What do I mean by this? I mean that, you start taking action, you feel your shoulders for what works, and then continue varying your approach based on the feedback. You 1. constantly take action, 2. consequentially constantly varying your approach, 3. going by the feedback, 4. to apply the most pressure possible to the shoulders. Do you get it..? Number one is the constant action, number two the constant variation, number three is the right action, number four is the go for 100%.

This might sound complicated, but in reality it is much simpler than trying to do a specific exercise “perfectly”. Why is it? Because it is common sense. It is common sense that maximizing the stress put on the muscle is more important than performing some exercise in the exact way some other person performed it. It is common sense that constant variation – with the goal of maximizing stress put on the muscle, and nothing else – is going to teach you much more about your own body than some specific exercise will. And, it is also common sense that exercising the constant variation principle is going to allow you to create your own exercises. It is common sense that going for 100% is going to, consequentially, give you the result – while performing an exercise x number of times not necessarily.