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Why You’re never too old to get Fit

If you don’t start taking care of yourself as you get older then there is a good chance your health will suffer as a result. It is important to get enough sleep, avoid stress as much as possible, and eat a healthy diet, as well as take regular exercise in order to increase the chances of you staying healthy for as long as possible. It can be easy to ignore the importance of keeping active when you’re used to moving as little as possible, driving everywhere and not going out of your way to do any kind of physical activity. However, it is in everybody’s interests to get more physical and improve their fitness, whatever their age, since the benefits are plain for all to see.

One of the advantages of regular exercise is that you are less likely to struggle to control your weight. When you exercise your body has to work harder and so burns more calories than if you were doing nothing. Your metabolism increases and this lasts for many hours after you have even stopped exercising, thus enabling you to consume more calories without worrying about weight gain. If you decide to do some strength training you can also increase the rate at which your body burns calories, as building muscle can increase the number of calories burned. However old you are it is important to watch your weight, as if you are overweight or obese you are at greater risk of developing certain health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Maybe you haven’t exercised for years but that is no excuse not to start. Exercise can help improve your circulation, reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, and thus you will be helping your heart by taking regular exercise. You will also be strengthening your bones and improving your balance and coordination, reducing the chance of developing arthritis and osteoporosis, which is important as you get older and become more frail and prone to accidents. As well as physical benefits you are also less likely to become depressed if you exercise and will feel more positive about yourself after a workout. By being more active you will find more opportunities to socialise which can also good for your self-esteem and mental well-being.

Therefore, whether you old or young it is worthwhile being physically active. It is recommended that adults exercise for at least half an hour, five days a week and children for at least an hour everyday. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals fail to meet even these targets, despite the fact it is for the benefit of their health that they should be making more of an effort. Don’t let age be a barrier, though, and don’t use it as an excuse not to start doing more, as once you get into the habit of being more active you won’t want to stop.