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Why you should not Drink Coffee at Night

Drinking coffee is something that is part of almost every individual’s daily routine. Coffee is the most popular drink in the world to indulge in first thing in the morning and get a much needed boost of energy from the caffeine content, as well as proving to be a warm and energizing drink that can help you fight the coming cold weather in the increasingly cold fall and coming winter months. There are many people that drink coffee throughout the day however and even at night. There are many negative side effects with drinking coffee at night, and all of these side effects combined create countless reasons as to why you should not drink coffee at night.

Coffee is a prime source of caffeine, and caffeine is the drug that gives you that much needed energy boost and wakes you up first thing in the morning. While that may seem like a benefit however, if you continue to drink coffee throughout the day and at night, you are giving your body that much needed energy boost over and over again, and that si when it becomes a problem. If you drink coffee at night, you will likely be unable to sleep, which can leave you feeling exhausted and drained first thing in the morning. Coffee also makes you more alert, meaning if you drink coffee at night and then try to sleep, you are much more likely to stress over the smallest and seemingly most harmless things, which can cause many negative side effects on the body and the mind.

Some people choose to drink coffee at night if they intend to stay up late to finish a project or work on homework, but this is a task that can just as easily be accomplished with a nice, healthy drink of water and simply forcing your mind into a mindset in which you are motivated and dedicated. Not only will you be able to enjoy a good nights sleep when you have finished the project, but you will also gain that much needed boost of self confidence from completing the project on your own initiative without relying on what is technically a drug.

Sleep is a necessary process that the body must undergo to fight exhaustion and heal, essentially recharging your batteries and resetting your body clock from a hard day’s work and therefore, coffee, being something that will keep you awake at night, should subsequently not be indulged in at night. Coffee is best enjoyed first thing in the morning to give you that much needed energy boost to help you start the day, but if you come to a stage where you rely on coffee day and night alike, you are not doing your body or your personal healthy any favors at all. Avoid coffee at nighttime in favor of water and your mind, body and sleeping patterns alike will thank you for it.