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Why you should allow yourself to Overindulge at Christmas

Christmas provides you with the perfect excuse to overindulge, as you don’t have to go to work; there isn’t much to do apart from spend time with friends and family and eat; everyone else is overindulging; and besides, you have the New Year in which to face the consequences of your actions. Why spend your whole life on a diet when it makes you miserable? Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion, so why spend every minute of the day counting calories and worrying because you’ve had one too many glasses of wine?

If you’ve been on a diet in the weeks leading up to Christmas, hoping to be able to squeeze into your little black dress, why not take a break? The chances are that if you’ve been following a fad diet you will regain all the weight you lost anyway, so why not look at Christmas as your last opportunity to go overboard and eat what you want, so that the New Year becomes the perfect time to lose weight sensibly.

Perhaps you have been following a sensible diet and exercise plan in the build up to Christmas, rather than aiming to lose as much weight possible by going on a crash diet, and so you’re worried about how you are going to cope with Christmas. Let’s face it, though, Christmas comes but once a year, and so why not let your hair down? If you enjoy eating chocolate, then go ahead. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it, because if you are really serious about losing weight to keep it off you can’t avoid the temptations on offer forever.

It might be worth giving yourself the ‘week off’ at Christmas, so that you can avoid feeling guilty if you don’t lose any weight. At the same time, you may prefer not to gain any weight, and so you simply have to control the quantity of food you eat. You can allow yourself to partake of all the treats on offer, but you just have to ensure you don’t overdo it. You may also want to think about increasing your activity levels, so that you burn more calories, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about what is going to happen when you step on the scales.

Your weight isn’t everything, though, and so you should be able to enjoy Christmas, rather than keeping note of every single calorie that passes your lips. Often Christmas is the only time of the year you get to see friends and family, and you won’t be much fun to be around if you’re preoccupied with what everyone else is eating while trying to restrain yourself, so go ahead and treat yourself!