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Why you need to have Clear Gaols in Life

Goals define our life’s purpose. Having clear goals provides us with a sense of direction and enable us to focus on what we truly want in life. It saves our time and energy and discourages us from drifting aimlessly each day on our life’s journey. In every segment of life be it personal or professional, goals are needed to arrive at one’s destination. Having a clear set of goals, can motivate and spur us on to act on them, attain a degree of success and realize our dreams.

Here are some specific factors to indicate why you need to have clear goals in life:

-Gives you a sense of purpose. Goals when clearly defined, help you to focus on formulating strategies to the attainment of the goals set. You could end up drifting aimlessly, when not having clear goals in sight.

-Provides opportunities to develop. Goals can motivate you to stay focused on what you truly want in life. They can help you to value your true potential; recognize your innate strengths, work on your weaknesses and lead you onwards to the accomplishment of the goals you have set.

-Helps in completion of what you started. Commitment is an integral component of the goal setting and achieving process. Once clear goals are set and you start on working your way towards their attainment, there is no holding back despite roadblocks on the way. Your sense of commitment to achieving what you truly want can trigger successful completion of your goals.

-Builds your personal competence. Successive completion and accomplishments of goals, makes you feel good about yourself. It can boost your self-confidence and raise your feelings of self-worth; it can lead you to set newer and bigger goals in life.

-Increases your productivity. Clear goals help you to stay organized. Having a clear vision of what exactly you want to do and achieve, can set your priorities straight. You instinctively know what is the first step you need to take and helps you to proceed to the following steps in an organized manner.


To make life meaningful, it is critical to have clear goals. Having clear goals can make you an effective person; a person who knows exactly what he/she intends to do in life. Clear goals are essential tools that can set the stage for all your future successes- – -be it in your personal life or in business, career or vocation in life.

Source: Simple Principles to Think Big and Achieve Success- – -by Alex Lluch and Dr. Helen Eckmann