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Why you don’t want to be too Regimented with your Diet

While it is important to work hard and to be disciplined with yourself when you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, you want to avoid going too far in the other direction. Going from not paying enough attention to what you eat and how much you exercise to paying too much attention to it is no improvement whatsoever. You might lose weight, but the goal is to be healthy overall, not just to wear a smaller pant size. Overall health includes your state of mind – and being too strict and regimented with your diet and exercise plans and routine will not do you any favors there.

It is fantastic that you want to get healthy and lose weight, but you have to remember that life is all about finding a balance and weight loss is no exception. Going from ignoring your diet and being ignorant about what you are putting into your body to examining every gram of fat under a microscope is not a positive change. You might lose weight, but you will drive yourself and everyone around you crazy in the process.

Most people want to lose weight because they want to be healthy and look and feel better. Adopting a diet and exercise routine that is too rigid or strict might make you look better, but it is not going to help you feel better and it may not necessarily make you any healthier. Stress plays a major role in the weight loss process and putting an unrealistic amount of pressure on yourself to follow a diet that is too strict will cause your stress levels to rise. When you become stressed your body will produce a hormone called cortisol that makes it harder for you to fight the battle of the bulge, not easier.

Yes, you want to look good. And yes, you want to be healthier. But you have got to be able to enjoy your life as well. You want to follow a diet that you and your physician or nutritionist have discussed, but you also need to find ways to enjoy yourself in the process. Weight loss does take determination, discipline and a healthy dose of hard work, but you need to find a balance. If your weight loss program is too rigid and regimented, it will only make it harder to sustain long term. And since sustainability is the key to lasting weight loss, if you are unable to maintain your routine, you will eventually find yourself back at square one.