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Why you can Find yourself Piling on the Pounds when you Stop Watching what you Eat

Can you imagine eating whatever you want and whenever you want – without gaining any weight? While that may be a fun fantasy, it is not likely your reality unless you have an amazingly high metabolism.

If you are like millions of other people, you can only eat a certain range of calories each day to maintain your current weight and avoid adding to it. For each person, that range is based on a number of factors: gender, age, height, amount of exercise and current weight.

Once you take in calories outside of that range – as in more calories than you are burning up – you will start go gain weight. And it is easy to eat far more calories than you realize, especially if you stop paying attention.

If you are not mindful of what you ingest, it will eventually catch up with you. As you get older, your metabolism will slow and your battle against weight gain will become greater.

Why is it so easy to gain weight when you are not focused on your food choices? There are a few reasons. First of all, portions have gotten very large in the past 20 years or so.

People’s perceptions of what a normal-sized meal should be often are way off base. Fast food restaurants, for example, offer giant sodas and huge portions of French fries. The sizes of these portions have greatly increased over time.

As a result, you may find that you are eating a lunch that has over 1,200 calories, which may constitute what you should have for the entire day! And you may be hungry a couple of hours after eating this food.

Junk food is a huge problem for people who lose control over their eating. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to eat a lot of potato chips in one sitting? Or have you ever sat in front of the television, eating ice cream from the carton?

Certain foods, especially those high in sugars and simple carbohydrates, are somewhat addictive in nature. They are loaded with calories but are not very filling. And those are the very foods people like to splurge on when they decide to take a break from worrying about what they eat.

Consequently, they start mindlessly eating junk food throughout the day, and have no idea the huge number of calories they are ingesting. Eating this way will pile on pounds, as the body stores the extra energy as fat.

Finally, when people stop paying attention to their diets, they often get out of control and want to eat everything in sight. Just like drinking or gambling, certain foods can temporarily elevate the moods.

However, a low is sure to follow once weight gain results. If you are someone who wants to stay fit and healthy, commit to following a planned and moderate diet as often as you can. The consequences of not paying attention to what you eat are far too great, so try to avoid going down that path.