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Why you are sometimes Unable to Control your Weight

It is very easy for politicians to preach to us about how we are being overrun by an obesity epidemic and that society is doomed if we don’t do something to control our weight. However, it isn’t always that easy to control your weight. Few people actually enjoy being obese, yet derive great pleasure out of eating the food they love and watching television. It is this battle between wanting to be slim and wanting to get the most out of life which most people face. For many individuals, the thought of staying slim requires you to deprive yourself and exercise religiously, which seems like too much hassle.

Remaining slim doesn’t have to be all about deprivation and self-denial, although this surely must help! There are people in the Western world who remain slim but still treat themselves now and again to the foods they love. Most probably don’t spend all their time in the gym, either, though they may make an effort to stay physically active. However, if you’re used to doing things your own way, it can be hard to change. Even though you’re confronted with public health campaigns telling you that carrying too much weight is bad for you, this isn’t always enough to motivate you to lose weight.

Sometimes, you do have the determination to lose weight, but life seems to conspire against you. If you encounter tough times, losing your job or ending a relationship, your priorities may change. Suddenly, your weight is no longer your biggest worry, and it may even be food you turn to in your time of need. Although you’re feeling down, eating can cheer you up a bit and thus you keep eating until you’re satisfied. Ultimately, this won’t help you control your weight, as you’re likely to find yourself gaining weight rather than losing it.

There are other occasions when your lack of weight control can come about as the result of ill health or some medication you’re taking. No matter what steps you take, there are some illnesses and prescription medications which will lead to weight gain. The trouble is if you’re going to gain weight anyway, you may find yourself overindulging since you see no reason not to. This can obviously exacerbate the situation and leave you with more weight to lose in future.

The decision to lose weight is up to the individual, as no matter what you are told by health professionals and politicians, you are the one who has to put the effort in. Sometimes, you can feel helpless to control your weight, but you just need to remember that you don’t have to watch your weight going up and down, as long as you’re prepared to make a few adjustments to your diet and exercise regularly.