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Why Working out Doesn’t Require a Gym Membership

Of course working out doesn’t always require a gym membership. I do most of my workouts at home or in my school’s fitness center when I can. There’s no reason why you should have to pay monthly to work your own muscles and become stronger; you’re already putting yourself in enough pain, so why hit yourself where it really hurts? However, if you think that the only way in which you can do a full workout is if you belong to a gym, then you should think again.

If working out required a gym membership, then a lot more people in this world wouldn’t be in shape. Now, all weight jokes aimed at the United States aside, there are some pretty strong people in the world who have probably never even heard of a gym. And it is definitely not true that only people in the world who are strong are the ones who go to a gym. What about the Greeks in Ancient times? What about the Spartans? As far as I know, the Spartans didn’t have gym memberships, but they instead had a rigorous training program; and there’s no reason why you should be deprived of that program.

If you don’t want to get a gym membership and have even some rudimentary equipment lying around your house, then you can start your own training program instantly. The most important thing in your workout is motivation. I know, it may be hackneyed, but you need to be serious about working out in order to do it well. Even if you had a fancy gym membership and were able to use all of that expensive equipment, if you quit when the workout became too hard, then you wouldn’t be making any more progress than if you had decided to just work out at home with what you had. Don’t worry: not everyone in the gym is Superman.

When you’re trying to start your own training program at home, first think of what kind of progress you want to make. For example, if you want to lose weight, then you’ll probably want to do more fat burning exercises such as running, crunches, and sit-ups. Let’s go with this thread for a bit: if you want to run, then you don’t need to have access to a treadmill. Instead, go out and buy a decent pair of running shoes from a sporting goods store, drink some water, and head out. Seriously, running requires almost no equipment at all in order to be effective, and we all know that crunches and sit-ups don’t require any fancy machinery either.

If you’re trying to build muscle, then you’ll want to do some heavier lifting. Purchase some dumbbells or do some push-ups, and you should be set. You don’t even need to purchase anything to do a good push-up; however, I swear by the Perfect Push-up, so if your pectoral workouts aren’t hard enough, trust me, they will be. It’s also important that if you’re trying to bulk up that you eat enough protein, and then enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. All in all, you should just eat more if you’re building muscle.

If you’re having trouble getting yourself motivated to exercise, then you should invite a friend or two over to work out with you. Call someone up and simply say that you’re going to exercise for a little while to get in shape. It helps if this person enjoys exercising; have a buddy come over and run with you, or lift with you in your basement. In a way, you could make your home into your own “gym” if you have a little bit of equipment and one or two other people to work with.

Remember, all that being in a gym does is give you access to more equipment; however, not all of this equipment is necessary. For example, you can do push-ups on your own, and when they get too easy, you can use chairs to support yourself, and if that becomes too easy for you, then you should buy the Perfect Push-up. Even with that small purchase of about $40, you won’t spend nearly as much as you would on a gym membership. To add to that, I do most of my exercises at home with two hand weights and the Perfect Push-up, and that’s been working for me!