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Why Working Long Hours can Make it Easier to Gain Weight

It isn’t particularly difficult to gain weight, anyway, but if you work long hours the likelihood of gaining weight increases. Working long hours means you have less time to spend keeping fit and watching what you eat, as you’re always either at work, dreading going to work, or asleep. If you do have any free time you want to spend it doing activities you enjoy and which help you relax, rather than counting every calorie that passes your lips and spending hours on a treadmill in the gym. You may find that, as a result of working long hours, you eat more convenience and junk food, while not doing enough exercise, and if this is the case then it should hardly come as a shock if you gain weight.

In order to remain within your ideal weight range it helps to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating a reasonably balanced diet. Unfortunately, though, working long hours can make it much easier to develop bad habits that ultimately lead to weight gain. When you spend most of the day at work you need to eat to keep you going and instead of reaching for an apple as a snack or a pasta salad for lunch, you probably opt for the more calorific options. You may decide to have a cookie, or two, with your cup of coffee and opt for a greasy, fatty burger for lunch; if this is the often the case it can be difficult to keep your weight under control.

When you don’t have much time to yourself, though, you don’t always pay much attention to your weight, as you’re too busy rushing around getting ready for work or trying to spend time with loved ones. However, if you continue gaining weight you could find yourself developing serious health problems and so it is worth trying to make the time to adopt healthier habits around your long work hours.

This obviously includes doing more exercise. It can be tempting to use the fact that you work long hours as an excuse to get out of doing exercise, since you are too busy; it is convenient to ignore the hours you spend in front of the television! Even if you really do struggle to find half an hour or so to do some physical activity you should be able to break this half an hour up into 10 minute blocks. It is for your health and for you to be able to maintain a healthy weight that you have to exercise more and so there is no point looking for excuses.

Weight gain is easy to do if you eat too much food and don’t get enough exercise, which is why working long hours makes is even easier to pile on the pounds.