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Why Workaholics are more likely to have Heart Diseases

Today, thousands of people are suffering from heart diseases and heart attacks. Many wonder what could be the cause of it. Could it be unhealthy lifestyles? Could it be genetic? Or could it be due to something else, such as stress?

Those that are under extreme pressure and experience high stress are more likely to have heart diseases and experience heart attacks than those that are more relaxed and have less pressure in their daily lives. The people that experience high stress and pressure are known collectively as “workaholics.”

A heart attack occurs when the oxygenated blood that the heart needs, is stopped and unable to reach the heart. This often happens when the arteries are clogged with cholesterol. It is like a blockage of a pipe due to mineral buildup. When the heart does not received the blood and oxygen necessary for it to perform its function, heart failure occurs.

As previously mentioned, a heart attack occurs when there is something blocking the arteries, which is usually cholesterol.

There are several reasons for this buildup:

The first reason is unhealthy eating, which inevitably leads to obesity. Fatty foods, such as meats, soft drinks, and sugary items are very instrumental in the buildup of cholesterol.

The second reason for buildup in the arteries is that people do not exercise enough. Eating the right kind of food does help reduce cholesterol in the arteries, but exercise is the other half of the equation. Exercise reduces body weight and helps to reduce the buildup in the arteries.

The third reason is that “chronic stress can be a high risk factor for accelerated atherosclerosis, a heart condition where plaque-like substances build up in the inner lining of an artery and can lead to heart attack or stroke. The study showed that the effects of stress were more rapid than the effects of a fat-rich diet in causing atherosclerosis.”

What people experience chronic stress more than the workaholics of modern society? Not only do they experience stress, but stress can cause people to begin using tobacco as a way of calming down; others turn to eating. So with these factors in place, you can clearly see that the greatest cause of heart disease and heart attacks in America today is due to chronic stress that workaholics experience everyday.

So now that the cause of most heart attacks is known, here’s what people can do to prevent it in themselves.

1. Reduce stress. You can do this by simply refusing to go any further. When it’s time for you to go home from work, leave your work at the office and take your mind home! Also, learn to relax. In the Bible, the Lord commanded that every seven days, there should be a day of rest. Try going to church on Sunday, instead of trying to work ahead for the week. Take your mind off your work and relax.

2. Exercise. This is an excellent way to relax. Your body needs to get the oxygen and blood flowing throughout your body, and exercise is the right way to do it. You will be amazed at how much better you sleep at night after a good workout.

3. Eat right. Fresh fruits and vegetables, red meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, grains…take a look at the food pyramid and see what you need.

Many people die from heart diseases each year because they fail to realize that their lifestyle is to blame. Heart disease and heart attacks can be greatly reduced if you take these simple steps to avoid stress in daily lives. As a busy people, it’s easy to forget that you have a life beyond the office. But remember that you have a life that needs to be lived to the fullest, instead of being cut short because of disease.