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Why Women try to Lose Weight after their Relationship Breaks up

Many women decide to lose weight after their relationship with a husband or boyfriend comes to an end because they are usually down in the dumps and want to feel better about themselves, which weight loss can do for them. Not only will they receive compliments from friends and family, but they may also attract the attention of potential new partners, while also showing their former partner exactly what they are missing!

Some women lose weight unintentionally when they first split-up from their partner because they are depressed and don’t feel like eating. If they are overweight to begin with, though, losing weight can make them feel slightly better and they may decide to continue losing weight by following a healthier diet and exercising more. Other women go completely the opposite way and turn to food for comfort so that they find themselves gaining weight. At some point, though, they decide that enough is enough and commit to losing the weight they have gained and maybe a little bit extra as well.

Women have a tendency to gain weight when they are in a stable relationship, as they usually get into bad habits including eating too much food and neglecting their exercise routine, and so the end of a relationship marks a new beginning. If a woman is overweight she generally wants to lose a bit of weight so that she can fit into smaller clothes and look good in them. By losing weight women tend to receive somewhat of a confidence boost, as everyone tells them how good they are looking, which they even start to believe when they hear it often enough.

This new-found confidence can be a very attractive quality, and they may find themselves attracting potential new mates. Not many women want to jump straight back into a relationship, but they still want to be found attractive by members of the opposite sex. Losing weight can give women the self-esteem boost they need to consider starting a new relationship.

Not every woman is successful in her quest to lose weight, though, nor is every woman interested in losing weight to begin with. Some women manage to remain a healthy weight during their relationship and nothing changes after the relationship ends, but obviously different factors can come into play, such as how long they had been in a relationship for and how the relationship ended. Many women, though, find losing weight puts them back in control and makes them feel good about themselves, which is precisely why they decide to go on a diet after a relationship fails.