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Why Women Care more about being Skinny than their own Health

It would appear that there are plenty of women out there who are more concerned with looking good – in other words, thin – than their own health. They resort to desperate measures to either lose a few pounds or else ensure that they maintain their slender frame. It is evident that obesity is becoming a problem for an increasing number of women, which has its own health implications, but the women who are so keen to be skinny usually aren’t that overweight anyway, yet still look for ways to help them become skinnier. They pay less attention to their overall health and well-being and concentrate more on what their scales or dress size tells them.

Some women are able to remain slim because they eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, although there are always those who will take this to extremes. They might decide to exercise for hours and develop an unhealthy relationship with food, sometimes developing an eating disorder in the process. They become so fixated on being skinny that they ignore the fact that their face has become haggard and drawn and that they don’t look particularly well. There may be women who think being ultra-skinny will make them more attractive, but this tends not to happen. Their skeletal frame might attract attention, but not necessarily the kind of attention these women want.

There are women who will take pills, often obtained over the internet and thus without a prescription, just to lose a bit of weight. Diet pills are usually reserved for individuals who have a lot of weight to lose, and so really are unnecessary for women who may have put on a few pounds but are by no means fat. Diet pills tend to come with side effects that women are prepared to overlook, whilst buying pills online is even more of a risk, since you never really know whether what you’re getting is genuine or not.

Women are so desperate to be skinny that some even consider surgery. Bariatric surgery is performed on obese individuals, but for those who are just a few pounds overweight or heavier than they want to be there is the option of liposuction, which can remove unwanted fat from different areas of the body. They don’t seem to mind the pain and discomfort, just so long as they can look slimmer and show off their figure to friends and family in a tiny dress they purchased.

Not all women want to lose weight for purely superficial reasons, but then there are those women who are obsessed with the attention that being skinny brings them, even if it isn’t always positive, and seem to think that being skinny improves their appearance. Consequently, such individuals tend not to pay much attention to the impact of trying to be skinny on their health.