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Why Women are never Happy with their Weight

It seems that no matter how slim a woman is she always believes she can be skinnier, which is why she will spend most of her life on a diet and regularly weigh herself to see the results of her efforts. The scales become both her friend and enemy, so that when she loses a pound or two she feels elated, but if the needle moves in the wrong direction and shows that she’s gained a bit of weight she might feel dejected and believe that she’ll never get down to her ideal size. However, women who claim to constantly be on a diet really mean that they spend half their time not eating enough and depriving themselves, and the rest of the time eating whatever they want. Instead of learning to control their weight, their weight just fluctuates endlessly.

Therefore, even when women are at their slimmest they tell themselves that they will just put on all the weight they lost before long, and instead of trying to curb their instinct to overeat, they just give into it. They might be feeling stressed, anxious, bored, or depressed, and their weight is just another worry to add on top of all their other existing problems. Sometimes it is easier for women to tell themselves that they don’t care about their weight anymore and just indulge in all the foods that they’ve tried to resist. Of course, the next time they step on to the scales and see that they’ve put on weight they can end up feeling even worse about their bodies than before and may once again turn to food.

Most women are never happy with their weight because they seem to be continually chasing the idea that if they reach a certain size their lives will dramatically improve, when clearly this won’t happen. If they were slim as a teenager they might want to get back to that size, but even if they do it isn’t going to bring back their youth. Women need to be realistic in their weight-loss goals, and to aim to be a healthy weight for a fully-developed woman of their height, rather than striving to be the skinniest they can be, or aim to be the weight they were when they were a growing adolescent.

There is often speculation in women’s magazines about how much various celebrities weigh, with the predictions generally presented as fact and suggesting that celebrities are unhealthily thin. Unfortunately, it seems that many women regard the celebrity body as something they should aim for, rather than accepting what the best size for them actually is and striving to be fit and healthy. Until women accept that not everyone is designed to be stick-thin they will never be content with their weight.