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Why Weight Loss Shows can Make you Feel Bad about your Weight

There are plenty of weight-loss shows on television to choose from and although they may be designed to inspire you to lose weight, they can often make you feel worse about your situation. You watch the individuals featured undergo a transformation from obese and frumpy to slim and glamorous and have difficulty imagining that anything is going to change in your own life. It doesn’t help that the weight-loss experts try to inflict very-low calorie diets on the obese individuals being followed and get them doing complicated exercise routines. In the real world, it isn’t easy to live on very few calories and to exercise every day.

One of the worst shows for demonstrating realistic weight loss is probably ‘The Biggest Loser’ because it gives you the impression that it is normal for women to lose at least five pounds a week and for men to lose at least seven. The reality is somewhat different, since it is recommended that you lose between one and two pounds a week. Clearly, the obese individuals featured in this show can spend all day in the gym and they also have professionals on hand to tell them what to do. It is much easier to stick to a calorie-controlled diet when someone either cooks for you or tells you what you need to eat.

This isn’t usually an option in the real world, though, as you have to fit weight-loss around your normal, everyday life. You have your family to take care of and work to go to and sometimes your plans to lose weight end up taking a back seat because you have more important things to worry about. The trouble is that when you do decide to lose weight you convince yourself that you should be losing lots of weight fast, just like the people on television. Thus, instead of being proud of yourself for losing a pound you tell yourself that it’s not enough and the disappointment can make it tempting for you to give up.

You want to see your body transformed so that you can go from fat to thin just as the people in these weight-loss shows appear to do. The reality is that it will take quite a bit of time for you to reach your weight-loss goal and so there is no point building your hopes up too high, as you will only feel depressed about your weight and dismiss any of your accomplishments. Weight-loss shows can sometimes motivate you to tackle your weight, but usually they just give you a false impression of how fast weight loss can be achieved. This makes you impatient to see results, so that losing weight becomes even more difficult.