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Why Unemployment can Make Weight Loss Harder

You may think that a period of unemployment is the ideal time to do something about your weight, as you have more time to exercise and plan meals. You no longer have to spend your mornings getting ready for work and rushing around during the day trying to get everything done. Your routine changes and you have more flexibility with regard to when you are able to eat and exercise. However, trying to lose weight can actually be even harder when you’re unemployed because you’re just not in the right state of mind to make changes to your lifestyle that will help with weight loss.

The trouble is that, more often than not, being unemployed makes you feel depressed. You may be the kind of person who loses your appetite when feeling down, but for many people the reverse is true. It can be hard to restrain yourself around food when you have nothing else to look forward to. Food is cheap and when you don’t have much money coming you have to find some way of filling a hole. Eating gives you something to do to relieve the boredom and it makes you feel happier, at least for a little while.

In theory, being unemployed gives you more time to think about what you’re going to eat so that you can more effectively control your calorie intake. When you’re at work you can only eat when you’re given a break and you may opt for something that you can quickly eat and which happens to be rather calorific. However, when you’re at home you don’t have to rush your meals or snacks and you can pay more attention to what it is you’re eating. You may well have more time to think about food, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing, as you’re only a few metres from the kitchen and so you can find yourself continually going there to help yourself to some food.

When you don’t have a job to go to you should have more time to do some exercise, but you often don’t have any inclination to when you’re feeling down, as you are unable to motivate yourself to do anything. Plus, you feel that you should be using your time more wisely by searching and applying for jobs, even if you cannot realistically do this all day long.

Losing weight is hard enough, anyway, but being unemployed doesn’t make the process any easier, as although you have slightly more time to dedicate to it, you don’t always have the motivation needed to enable you to succeed.