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Why some People Avoid getting Mental Health Counseling

There are a lot of reasons why a person would avoid mental health counseling, the biggest perhaps being that they don’t think it will help them. While this may or may not be the case, it does show that there is still some debate as to whether counseling helps people in general or only some, or worse, none at all.

Another reason why people avoid mental health counseling is because they don’t want to admit to themselves or to anyone else that they think they need help. For people who see themselves as strong inside, finding out you’ve got a problem that you don’t know how to deal with on your own, and then admitting that you need someone else’s help takes more grit than a lot of people have.

Other times, people are worried that if they go to get counseling they’ll find out there really is something wrong with them, and they don’t want to hear that kind of news. In a similar vein, some people may not want to see anybody because they are afraid that they will be locked up, or put on medicines that will turn them into a zombie.

There are also some people who have gone to see a mental health professional only to come away feeling that it was either a waste of time, or actually harmful to them and their problem. Quite often these are the very people that need help the most as they are incapable of even realizing that they have a problem that needs fixing. In other cases though, there might have been mistakes made, a misdiagnosis perhaps or even a case where an individual was just difficult to treat; which then caused that patient to conclude that the doctors or other mental health professional wouldn’t be able to help them.

Other people may think that going for counseling is only for other people; those that have bigger problems or are weak, or stupid. They may base this on nothing more than something they’ve heard from someone else, or it might be something they’ve learned growing up; but the bottom line is, they are snobs of a sort, believing mental illness can only happen to other people who are somehow less than they are.

And finally there is also a problem for the profession itself that might cause people to not seek help, and that is, there seems to be an overabundance of dolling out medicine whether people really need them or not. This lackadaisical approach to solving mental health problems could be turning off a lot of people who truly could benefit from some form of medicinal help, or barring that, at least some regular counseling.