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Why Professional Athletes have a Goal during Excercise

Sports workouts are exactly that – sports workouts. Every professional will tell you that they have designed workouts to get you to be in the best shape of your life – or maintain that shape. This is the lingo you here from fitness trainers around the world.

Yet there is something missing; how are athletes able to play at such a high level. If extremely proficient physical excellence is all you need to be good at sports then many individuals would be able to play at the professional level.

The one reason why professional athletes are what they are is because they are driven and have a plan – even for their workouts. Their sport require different muscles to be at almost hyper-human form. As a result athletes not only seek peak physical shape, but also seek a “certain” type of shape that corroborates with their sport. Lets use a couple sports and their star athletes as examples.

Take Roger Federer arguable the greatest tennis player to every play, and lets break him down physically. You notice at first the large pectorals, small arms ( bigger right then left), muscled core, and ridiculous calf size. To be succesful in tennis you have to be in incredible shape.

Federer has a plan of attack behind the reason for his curious physical structure. The least but most surprising part of his body is his arm size. Most tennis players have fairly beefy biceps (Take rafael nadal for example) because it gives them massive control and power over the ball.

Federer on the other hand (pun intended) uses fundamental rotational physics to give him what we call easy power. His body structure is what we call a bottom strong, top light body structure. In other words much of federer’s weight is located in his legs and core. As a result the large muscles in his legs are able to generate enormous linear momentum which as a result generate tremendous torque.

Like a spinning top with spindles – the heavier the spindles the less speed you get, the lighter the spindles the more speed you gain. As a result Federer’s feather weight arms are able to be swung freely without any excess weight hindering it, giving him tremendous rackethead speed and acceleration.

Also take Kobe Bryant. Most players know that NBA players have to be quick on their feet and footwork is key. What seperates Kobe Bryant from Lebron is exactly what makes Lebron great, and what makes Kobe greater – his physical form.

Lebron is built top down – meaning he is stronger at the top of his body then at the bottom. Kobe is different, infact his training focuses more on biulding muscle tension rather then biulding muscle. As a result he is what you call a wiry strong athlete, this is how he’s able to contort his body and enable himself enormous amount of lift power on his fade-away jumpshots.

Lebron can’t maintain a properly balanced jumpshot because of his excess weight, and lack of balance in the air as his legs try to support is 270 lb frame.