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Why Planning Meals in Advance can help People Lose Weight

Losing weight requires individuals to scale back their calorie intake so that in the end they consume fewer calories than they burn. Most people should aim to lose about a pound or so a week and since losing a pound of fat requires a calorie deficit of 3,500 individuals must consume 500 fewer calories a day, although exercise can also be used to offset some of those calories. When people are trying to lose weight it is therefore essential for them to jot down when they eat, what they eat, as well as their calorie consumption and adjust their eating habits where necessary so that they can achieve the kind of weight loss they are aiming for.

Once people have started to write down the kind of foods they eat, the quantities and the time of day they eat they soon come to realise why they put on weight in the first place, and thus to get back in control of their weight they need to shake-up their routine and establish new, healthier eating habits. This will require them to eat smaller meals regularly throughout the day, avoiding the temptation to skip meals, and making sure the food they eat provides them with the nutrition they need.

Planning meals in advance is therefore a useful way for individuals to stay in control of their calorie intake, since having a plan can make them feel more obliged to stick to it, so that they don’t stray and start snacking on junk food between meals. If they know what they are going to eat that day or that week they can buy the ingredients in advance, and even prepare meals ahead of time so that they don’t have to spend ages in the kitchen making something healthy when they come in from work.

When people plan what they are going to eat in advance it puts them in control of their eating habits. Whilst they may have had a tendency to graze on junk food during the day before committing to weight loss, establishing when they are going to eat and what they are going to eat can help them remain focused. Buying only the food they require for their chosen meals will enable them to avoid going past the supermarket aisles containing all of the forbidden treats on offer, so that they don’t buy them in the first place, and so cannot eat them when they get home.

If individuals are in control of what they eat and know precisely what is going into their meals they will be better able to manage their calorie intake, increasing the likelihood that they will lose weight and continue to do so, which is why planning meals in advance can be useful for those who are trying to lose weight.