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Why People use being Fat as an Excuse not to Exercise

When you’re overweight it is easier and more convenient to make excuses than to actually do something about it. Weight gain usually comes as a result of consuming too many calories and not burning off enough energy, and thus to lose weight this situation has to be reversed, but many individuals who are overweight can’t stand the idea of exercise, which can be a useful way to increase your energy expenditure. It is difficult enough to reduce the amount of food you eat and to make the right food choices, but when you have to combine this with getting more physically active as well, a lot of people simply prefer to remain fat.

Most overweight individuals could clearly benefit from doing more exercise, as they are likely to encounter health problems because of their weight since their heart and other vital organs have to work harder to keep them alive than someone who isn’t carrying extra weight. Leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating too much junk food increase the chances of you developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. Getting more exercise into your routine can help offset some of these health risks and leave you feeling fitter and healthier. If you simultaneously make an effort to watch what you eat you could end up losing some weight as well.

Even if you fail to fight the subcutaneous fat which you are able see when you look at your protruding tummy, making an effort to exercise regularly could tackle the visceral fat that lies deeper in the body and which puts your health at greater risk. Slim people are just as likely to develop visceral fat if they do not exercise, and so by making the effort you could be helping your health.

Some overweight people can find it embarrassing to be seen in the gym or walking along the street because they are very self-conscious about their size and may feel that they are being judged. Indeed, there will always be one or two insensitive individuals who feel the need to point out that there is someone who isn’t particularly skinny making an effort to exercise. Oh! The horror! You can guarantee that those who like to criticise or have a laugh have probably never stepped inside a gym themselves and never make an effort to exercise, so what right have they got to comment on your efforts to stay fit?

Weight loss doesn’t have to be an aim of yours for you to decide to get more exercise into your life. It might be more difficult for overweight individuals to start tackling their fitness if they have neglected it for a long time, but their weight is not a legitimate excuse for avoiding exercise, particularly when you consider all the health benefits associated with being physically active whatever your size.