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Why People should Focus less on their Weight and more on getting Fit

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, and not all of them healthy. Some people use diet pills, follow extreme diets, or virtually starve themselves just so they can lose a bit of weight, without taking into consideration the implications for their health. Many have been taken in by the idea that it is better to be skinny than to be fat, even though weight has nothing to do with how fit and healthy a person is. Everyone would be better off if they stopped being so concerned with their weight and became more focused on improving their fitness levels.

Exercise ought to be considered an essential feature of everybody’s life, but unfortunately it has a tendency to be neglected. Individuals might want to remain slim but they often aren’t prepared to make time for exercise or else they look for any excuse to avoid doing it. Instead, they generally decide that the best way to control their weight is through diet, thus ignoring all the benefits that exercise has to offer them. Ultimately, though, managing your diet is usually insufficient if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, and even more so if you’re attempting to lose weight.

We seem to live in a weight-obsessed society, though, and so it is easy to see how people can get their priorities in the wrong order, ending up by concentrating on their weight rather than how fit they are. People who exercise regularly and are physically fit tend to experience less ill health than those who avoid exercise altogether because they have a stronger immune system. Cardiovascular exercise gives the heart and lungs a good workout and can help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, whilst also reducing the chances of developing heart disease and stroke, cancer, and diabetes. It is also good for your joints, muscles and bones.

Physical fitness can benefit your mental state as well. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins, which can significantly boost your mood. People who exercise find that they are better able to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, than those who avoid it altogether. Exercise can also increase your self-esteem, particularly if you are able to maintain a healthy weight through a combination of diet and exercise.

Nobody can ignore their weight completely, particularly if it affects their day-to-day life, but for most people leading a healthy, active lifestyle should be considered as more important than simply losing a few pounds. Most people find that once they get into the habit of exercising more they lose a bit of weight, anyway, without even having to think about it, whilst noticing an improvement in their sporting performance gives them enough incentive to continue building on their fitness.