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Why People Put on Weight Weight Gain

We put on weight when we eat fatty food over and over again, drink alcohol, consume decadent desserts and sugary soft drinks. Food is definitely the main reason for weight gain but there are other factors also which unfortunately contribute to that.

Many people have a healthy diet and do plenty of physical activities but they still put on weight.

Well, research in genetic study has helped to identify the cause of weight gain in people. There are genes responsible to increase appetite leading people to eat more and never be satisfied.

Bad eating habit:
People put on weight as a result of bad eating habits. A daily diet consisting of no intake of water but a lot fatty food (fat meat, full fat cream, butter cheese), saturated sugar (cakes and chocolates and fizzy drinks) and not enough fibre (fruits and vegetables) is like poison to the body. Fast food is another thing which does not improve health. People look for an easy way to save time. Instead of getting early enough to prepare their lunch, they prefer the ready made food in the store adjacent to the work place. Food which is not homemade but prepared for commercial purpose is very high in fat and oil.

Sluggish people lack energy. Sitting around watching TV rather than doing a thirty minutes jogging or taking the car to go to the store “facing” home prove that a person might be very lazy. The more inactive we are the more fat we store in the body, the weaker we become. Inactivity is very often the cause for bloated feeling and constipation.

The world we live in, constantly puts pressure on us. We are swayed to and fro by circumstances and difficult situations. Sometimes we cope well sometimes we lose hope and stress out especially when we can’t find any solution. One common thing that people do to ease stress is to turn to food and over eat. Food is not the solution, it cannot in any way change anything except our size.

Besides people who are too stressed and fall into depression are under medication. Medication acts differently on different people where it causes weight gain. Often from a modest amount of grams to over 10pounds. Some medication retain water under the skin which might show up as weight gain on the scale. Unfortunately you cannot take arbitrary decision to stop your medication. You need your doctor’s advice first.

Stop smoking:
Taking the decision to stop smoking is good for health but most of the time it causes weight gain. People who stop smoking crave for something else to replace cigarette and the substitute is food.

Stop physical activities:
Physical activities like sports are healthy. Whatever food we have on our plate does not affect our physical condition and shape because we are active and burn excess fat. There are times though where we abruptly stop physical activities. For whatever reason, we cannot continue physical activities but we keep the same eating habit. Gradually without noticing we rapidly gain weight and our body is out of shape.

When we grow older we become less active and our body shape changes. Women especially tend to gain weight during menopause. What happens is that the ovaries produce less estrogen therefore the body look for an alternative which is fat from which estrogen can be produced. Therefore the body works harder to convert calories into fat and get the amount of estrogen it needs. That’s why we women are more apt to gain weight at the age forty or fifty. To avoid weight gain, women are advised to do exercises and to eat healthily every single day.

Whatever your situation or circumstance, the easiest way to control your weight is to control your diet and improve physical activities. Your health and weight control depends on your everyday diet. If you have a well balance diet and do enough exercises every week but still gain weight, then medical advice is recommended to identify the causes.