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Why People get Overweight and Sick

People get sick and overweight for a variety of reasons. The main factors include diet, lack of exercise, environment, and stress.


One of the main reasons we get overweight or sick is due to a poor diet. Our western diet for the most part is full of fat, sugar, salt, and chemicals. Not only is the majority of our food unhealthy but we simply eat too much of it at one sitting and gain weight. Weight gain can lead to obesity and in many cases chronic lifelong diseases and even premature death. Most of the packaged food we find in stores is over processed and stripped of nutrition. A common example is white refined bread. White flour lacks the nutrition including the fiber that is found in brown or whole wheat bread. While you do get some nutrition from white bread it is significantly less then whole wheat types of bread. Packaged goods such as cookies, and pastries contain many chemicals and additives that you would not be eating if you made the products at home. These additives and chemicals are added to prolong shelf life and make the food taste better for the consumer. These chemicals are not just found in treats they are found in almost every packaged food from cereal to a frozen dinner. These foods do provide some nutrition but it is significantly less then the nutrition found in fresh food like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


Our bodies are designed to move and many people simply do not get enough exercise and often none at all. We need to exercise to keep our heart, lungs and muscles strong. When we don’t exercise these parts of our body become weaker and we increase the chances of getting sick. Exercise also helps to control weight by burning excess calories that the body stores as fat. The only way to remove this excess fat is to exercise and burn it off. Crash diets may remove some weight but it is usually gained back. To maintain a healthy weight and decrease our chances of getting sick we need exercise and get proper nutrition.


Pollutants from factories, poor drinking water, lack of sanitation, and environmental accidents all contribute to sickness and disease. Our culture and lifestyle greatly impact weight gain as well. In any given day we are bombarded by advertisements to eat something or try something new. Restaurants often serve too much food for the average person. We think we are getting value for our money and the restaurant and customer are happy. In reality this excessive food we eat contributes to our weight gain and likelihood of developing diseases. We may go out to a bar or to a party and consume large quantities of snacks. At the office we may be tempted by treats such as doughnuts. Fast food restaurants may offer us convenience at the cost of our health. Our daily lives and the environment around us can all contribute to sickness or weight gain.


Another way we can become sick or gain weight is through stress. We may work too hard and be tired all the time. If we are tired and run down all the time we may get sick. We may have personal problems and eat out of emotions such as grief, depression, or plain boredom. Some people use food to mask personal issues. This can lead to such disorders as anorexia or bulimia.

To maintain healthy weight and avoid sickness we need to pay attention to our diet, exercise on a regular basis, be aware of our environment and reduce our overall stress levels. When we take all these factors into consideration we can achieve greater personal health and limit our exposure to disease.