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Why Parents Aren’t Encouraging their Children to Exercise enough

Nowadays when we take a look at the children walking to school, sitting behind their desks, waiting for the bus to take them home, a similarity emerges. Most have protruding bellies, double chins, and are obviously overweight. The culprits are the parents who don’t encourage their children to exercise.

The reason parents aren’t encouraging their children to exercise enough is that they themselves are not fit people. They haven’t the experienced the benefits of exercise to pass on to their children. Parents who don’t workout themselves don’t see the point in encouraging their children to go out and run around, play football or join a sports team after school.

A lack of knowledge in relation to health and fitness is also a contributing factor. Ignorance can be dangerous. Parents who haven’t discovered the health benefits exercise offers when started from an early age are less likely to encourage their children to exercise enough. Many parents haven’t been advised that exercise can improve their child’s social abilities, brain functioning and overall well-being.

When our parents were at school, exercise was a priority. Many of them had compulsory physical education classes every morning before proper lessons started. They played sports, ran around and did lots of exercise without the need for their parents to encourage them. Schools did that. Their peers did that. Parents may be under the assumption that their children get enough exercise at school. Unfortunately this is rarely the case as not all schools have adequate physical education classes.

Not encouraging children to exercise can lead to health problems later on. Children need to understand that taking part in exercise is not only good for them but also loads of fun. Exercise does not have to be a chore as many adults think due to their unpleasant experiences. Exercise can mean playing hide and seek, going roller blading or ice skating, playing football in the park, or spending a day at the local pool.

The best way to encourage children to exercise is for parents to be active themselves. The more active the parents are, the more active the children are likely to be. Regularly take the kids for a walk, spend your free time together actively. Kick the footy around in the backyard. Go for a bush walk. Dance in the living room. Try a new activity together. Most importantly avoid being sedentary and stay away from the computer screen. Exercise should be made a priority in every home for good health as well as proper body and brain development later on in life.