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Why Obesity is on the Rise

Obesity is on the rise in this country for various reasons.

Obesity takes place when a person becomes more than 100 pounds over the normal weight. Many factors contribute to this problem such poor diet, thyroid problems, history of obesity in the family, slow metabolism, life style and lack of exercise. These are just some of the reasons many have issues with weight and will continue to unless something changes.

Recently this problem has increased across the country because of technology. Computers and the Internet have made it easier for people to sit home and do everything. In the past, lets say 20 years ago, if you didn’t leave your home to get food, you would be hungry.

Back in the day, going to the back wasn’t an option. It was mandatory. People had to move around. Now, cyberspace has made it possible to take care of your personal needs from a computer. People can now shop for food, bank, run a business, hold meetings, and keep in touch from a lap top. It is much easier now to sit all day. The problem with this is that it makes people inactive at times. Some people will sit in front a computer all day and eat until they can’t anymore. This perpetuates the obesity in America.

Poor diet

With the advent of fast food, having a poor diet is simple. It is easier to pick up a donut in some places than an apple. Since we live in a fast paced society, fast food is very convenient to that lift style. It is easier for someone to go to McDonald’s than to sit home and cook a healthy meal. Diets like these lead to this problem. In restaurants people are given large portions of food. This also helps the issue. For example, if you go out to Fridays and order a hamburger with fries, you end up getting too much. Unfortunately, the more we see, the more we eat. It is a natural instinct. People begin eating more because it is there.

Slow Metabolism

Metabolism is very important in maintaining weight. Some people have slow metabolism which enables them to put on weight faster. It is the rate at which the body burns calories. Slow metabolism can lead to weight issues if not dealt with.

Lack of exercise

If a person does not get the required amount of exercise, they can be at risk for weight problems. Exercise is needed everyday. It helps speed up metabolism as well.The suggested amount is 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. This could be walking, jogging, running, or sit ups. It is anything that is regarded as physical activity.

Runs in the Family

For many individuals obesity is something that runs in the family so it is not there fault.

To conquer this issue something must be done. Depending on the origin of it, the right action will follow.