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Why Moderation is Essential for Weight Maintenance

Many people are struggling to maintain their weight, as tasty food is plentiful and cheap and when you have nothing better to do it is easy to get a bit carried away with the amount of food you eat. Whether you eat out of boredom or to cheer yourself up you can soon find yourself consuming more calories than you need, which makes it impossible to maintain a healthy weight. The most effective way to control your weight is to practise moderation, since this enables you to balance the number of calories you put into your body against the number you expend.

If you find your waistline expanding it is a good idea to start implementing changes right away, rather than waiting until you have a serious weight problem. You don’t want to find yourself with over fifty pounds to lose and so by moderating your eating habits as soon as possible you should be able to stave off further weight gain and work on bringing your weight down.

Moderation is something you need to embrace in the long term if you are to maintain a healthy weight, as it is better to take this approach than to rely on dieting to bring your weight down every time you feel that you are getting too heavy. Yo-yo dieting is something that a significant number of people experience, but this isn’t good for your physical or mental well-being and so it is worth embracing moderation. It is much more sensible to do this than to virtually starve yourself for weeks on end, when the only result of this will be rapid weight loss followed by equally rapid weight gain.

When you decide to embrace moderation you have to get used to monitoring what you eat all the time. It can be a hassle having to think about the consequences of eating too much, but this is what you have to do to restrain yourself from overindulging and thus prevent weight gain. Otherwise you may just end up alternating between binge eating and eating too little, just to stop your weight spiralling out of control.

If you want to maintain a healthy weight you have to face up to the fact that you need to moderate your eating habits so that you don’t overdo it, as this is the only way you can avoid weight gain. It is when you overfill your plate and eat too much of the wrong kinds of food that it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy weight, so you have to address these habits if you want to remain at your ideal size.