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Why Men Tend to Gain Weight when their Wife is Pregnant

It is to be expected that when a woman falls pregnant she is going to gain weight, since she is carrying another little human being inside her that needs the right nutrients to grow into a healthy baby. Many women are cautious about what they put into their mouth while pregnant, partly because they don’t want to eat the wrong kinds of food for their baby’s sake and partly because they’re conscious of the fact that they’ll have to lose all the extra weight they’ve gained after giving birth. Clearly, it is easier when you only have 14 pounds to lose rather than three times that amount! Men seem to have no such worries, though.

Yet, it is clear that a man will often gain weight during his wife’s pregnancy. Women obviously have to increase their calorie intake and there will probably be more food lying around than usual. A pregnant woman will sometimes experience cravings for random kinds of food and will eat them at odd times of the day and if her husband is there he may just indulge as well. He may tell himself he’s only doing it so his wife doesn’t feel like a pig, but really it just gives him an excuse to overindulge!

An expectant woman obviously can’t do quite as much exercise as when she is not pregnant and so if her husband had a habit of doing exercise with her, he may start to do less as well. A man may also find himself working longer hours in order to earn some extra cash for the arrival of the little one and so cannot fit any exercise into his schedule even if he wanted to. Clearly, doing less exercise and eating more food is only going to result in one thing – weight gain!

Another reason why a man may gain weight when his wife is pregnant is due to anxiety. Becoming a father, especially for the first time, is obviously a life-changing experience. Once you’re a father you can’t go back and there is a great deal of responsibility placed on your shoulders. It is therefore little wonder that a man can become rather anxious at the thought of the impending birth of his child. People have all different ways of responding to stress, but for many it is food that they seek comfort from.

Many men may gain weight when their wife is expecting a baby, but whereas women are often in a rush to lose their baby weight, men don’t seem to be quite as bothered!