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Why Losing Weight Requires more than just Counting Calories

Counting calories is just one aspect of losing weight, since, obviously, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn in order for you to shed a few pounds. However, losing weight requires more than just counting calories, as it is all well and good knowing how many calories the food you are eating contains, but actually eating healthier and smaller quantities of food isn’t always that easy. Plus, there is the fact that you need to be active, as well, which when you’re trying to eat less can seem like a real effort. Indeed, the temptation is there to ‘reward’ yourself with food after a workout session, probably undoing all your good work. Although you may want to lose weight, it sometimes feels as though you can’t control your desire to overeat.

It is therefore clear that in order to lose weight you can’t simply rely on counting calories, especially if you are not in the right frame of mind. If your aim is to lose huge amounts of weight in a very short space of time you are liable to be disappointed, as the body is not designed to make losing weight particularly easy. This means that if you don’t lose weight fast enough for your liking you might decide to give up trying to lose weight altogether. Alternatively, you may go on a diet that seems to enable you to lose quite a bit of weight, but the chances are if you are on a restrictive diet you won’t be able to cope once you come off it. If you don’t learn how to manage your portion sizes and about the kinds of food you should be eating you will simply return to the habits that caused your weight gain in the first place.

Counting calories can be useful for helping you lose weight, but only if you are true to yourself about the amount you are eating. You might think you are eating a reasonably low-calorie meal, but if the food is heaped on to your plate you could well be eating more calories than you meant to. You also have to consider the level of activity in your life and be truthful about how much exercise you actually do. You may think you are reasonably active, but does housework really count as exercise? It might if you do it vigorously enough, but you will soon learn if you are exercising enough to burn off the calories you are consuming, especially if you step on the scales and discover you have not lost any weight.

Counting calories is an important part of any weight-loss plan, but it isn’t always easy to stick to a lower-calorie diet that restricts what you can eat, which is why it helps to be in a positive, determined frame of mind and to have realistic goals to aim for.