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Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Necessarily mean the End of your Weight Loss Struggle Weight Loss

Most people who lose weight think it’ll mean an end to their weight loss struggles. Losing weight provides no guarantee that anyone will keep the weight off for good. The only way we can assure lifelong weight loss success, is by following the necessary tools that’ll allow for it to happen. There are a lot of factors that go into who will be successful and who will not. Here are some of the reasons why weight loss doesn’t mean the end of your weight loss struggles, and what you can do to have lifelong success.

-We need to keep the weight off.

Many people that lose weight don’t realize that it’s something that we need to keep working at when the weight is gone. It’s not an issue that gets buried and gone, and we can now revert back to our habits that got us overweight to begin with. This is why you need to be on a doable plan that’ll work for you as an individual over your lifetime. If you starved yourself to weight loss, how long can you go on like that? How long can you stay away from your favorite foods that you’ve cut out of your diet? That’s why to begin with, you need a long-term, sustainable plan that includes what you like, along with some sacrifices on your part. Your plan will never be successful if you haven’t been on, or learned how to work a “complete plan.” You need to put so many factors into account when it comes to losing weight, and then keeping the weight off once you’ve done it. In most cases, it takes even harder work once you’ve achieved it. But, this is what being prepared is all about. If you’ve lost weight the right way, you’ve also been able to pick up a great deal of tools along the way that’ll help you keep it off. For each situation that threatens your weight, use your tools to overcome it. For example, if you suddenly find yourself feeling lonely, take a walk, go to the gym, or go see a movie with a friend. Don’t let anything distract you from your success, especially when you’ve worked that hard. Don’t let times of unhappiness or anything else get out of control, because before you know it, your weight will creep back quickly.

-We didn’t deal with the issues that caused our weight gain.

You may have lost weight, but did you deal with the issues that got you there in the first place? Many people just focus on the number on the scale, but they should have a greater focus. We shouldn’t be only trying to mend our weight, we should be trying to improve ourselves on many levels. Many people are going to be disappointed when they lose weight and continue to regain it. Weight isn’t just a number, because we’re a whole person. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you’ll need to start paying attention to “you.” This is my biggest challenge with my clients, because at first they don’t “get it.” They come to me for a miracle, thinking that they can work out a few hours per week and it’s going to change their bodies and their lives are just going to be terrific. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have emotions, feelings, angers, things buried inside of us, failures, and/or dreams we don’t think we’ll fulfill. These things all matter in our lives. How we deal with them, and what we do about each, is going to effect us on many different levels. Our weight can be controlled by many issues, including all of these things that bother us. We get depressed, we overeat, we make lousy decisions, we stop caring, and we’re miserable when our weight gets out of control. Once my clients see that they need to work on themselves as a whole, weight loss gets easier. It’s no longer “just weight loss,” but now it’s a way of life. The life changes that we make, have a huge impact on how we live and on our weight. Find ways to deal with your issues, by talking about them with a friend, a life coach, a therapist, or through journal writing. All of our issues have solutions, and this will greatly improve our chances of keeping the weight off.

-We don’t completely improve our lives.

Once we reach our target weight, now what? What else is happening that’s wonderful? What other areas of your life do you have much to look forward to? If weight loss is all we have, then what? Life is about so much more than being thin. What else have you accomplished? Where’s your life heading? As time passes us by, we should have a lot to show for it. It’s never to late to make a change to anything going on in our lives. Do you want a new career? Do you want to live somewhere else? Are you not content with your relationship? Ask yourself the questions that’ll help you find what’s going to bring you more fulfillment and happiness. There’s more than weight loss, and you don’t want to achieve it and find that your life is still falling apart and feeling empty. We need to take responsibility for our own happiness, and this is on a greater spectrum than just losing weight.

-We need to take control.

It’s not always OK to let “things fall where they may.” If we let things “just happen,” we’re setting ourselves up for many failures in this lifetime. Weight gain is something we let happen, because we lost control. For every area that we’ve ever messed up in, there’s a contributing factor to it. We need to take an active role in our lives, in order for all areas to be successful. Is this possible? Yes. We can have very successful lives and weight loss. It takes a bit of work, but eventually you’ll take pleasure in planning your road to success. We need to be aware of how things, people, and/or situations are affecting us. When we’re on a long-term weight loss plan, we have the proper tools that take care of our issues. We learn how to be prepared and take action, where we never knew how in the past. This makes all of the difference in how we manage our weight in the future. When we’re in control, we give ourselves the best life possible, and the best environment to keep the weight off for good.