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Why Losing Weight can Change how you Feel about your Body

When you’re overweight it’s incredibly easy to be negative about your body because you’re continually comparing yourself to your slim friends and relatives, while admiring the figures of Hollywood starlets. Everyone around you seems to be slimmer than you and all you want is to be normal like them, so you are excessively self-critical, which doesn’t really help when it is food you turn to for comfort. Losing weight, however, is worth doing if you want to change how you feel about your body for the better.

To lose weight you obviously have to take action that puts you in control of your eating and exercise habits, which automatically gives your self-esteem a bit of a boost. Being overweight appears to be seen by some people as a legitimate reason to criticise someone and you can find yourself at the receiving end of some very nasty comments about your size. This can clearly have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem, just as spending all your time admiring other people’s slim bodies can too.

Losing weight can change all this, though, as you no longer have to wish you had the perfect body when you’re already making your way towards obtaining it! Of course, no one is ever entirely happy with the way they look and so you might just find other aspects of your body you dislike. However, when you look back at old photographs and see what a difference your weight loss has made to your appearance you generally feel much happier with your body, even if you feel there are still one or two flaws.

After losing weight you can go into virtually any clothes store and pick out something to wear which actually fits and that flatters your shape. When you’re overweight sometimes you don’t even feel like making an effort to do anything with your appearance because there doesn’t seem to be any point. You convince yourself that no one finds you attractive and even if you do receive a compliment you have a hard time believing the person who complimented you is being sincere. Obviously, losing weight can remove this layer of doubt because you feel more confident with the way you look.

It is therefore evident that losing weight can be worth doing if you want to feel better about the way you look, as it enables you to dress to flatter your shape and to actually start believing that you’re attractive, which comes from acquiring more confidence.