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Why it is Worth Improving your Fitness during Summer

Summer is almost here and so it’s worth thinking about using the warmth and sunshine to get outdoors and start working on your fitness. You can no longer rely on the excuse that it’s too cold and miserable to bother doing anything when you step out the front door and all you see is sunshine! It’s much easier to motivate yourself to get fitter when the sun’s out, after all, and you can’t ignore your fitness, or lack of, forever as you’re the one who suffers in the end. Keeping active can help you remain in good physical condition and improve your mood so it’s a good idea to get fitter whenever you can.

Many individuals tend to ignore their plummeting fitness levels over the winter months because they can’t be bothered to go for a run when it’s cold, dark and slippery under foot. Not everyone can afford to join a gym while others don’t want to join one, anyway, aware that they wouldn’t use it very often because they don’t enjoy being cooped up indoors. Indeed, that’s the problem with winter when you want to keep fit – you either spend your time freezing to death outside or have to go to the gym or follow an exercise DVD indoors, which can be painfully dull!

You don’t have this problem when it’s summertime, though, as the range of options open to you is much wider. You don’t have to spend your time pounding a treadmill or lifting weights, while you can have some fun doing the activity of your choice. As the weather begins to improve you feel yourself more inclined to exercise, as you want to feel the sun on your face or the water against your body. There are lots of activities you can do, from walking to cycling, rowing to windsurfing, polo to hockey; the list is endless.

With so much choice you never have an opportunity to get bored, which is clearly important if you are going to keep up with an activity for long enough to appreciate the benefits. You can’t take a stop-start approach to fitness and hope to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. Once you have committed to getting fitter you have to exercise at least five times a week, rather than working out every day for hours at a time one week and then not doing anything at all for the next three weeks.

If you decide to make the most of the summer heat, however, you should be able to get fitter which will be good news for your physical and mental well-being and, hopefully, you’ll find a way to keep up the momentum even as winter draws nearer.