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Why it is so Difficult to Lose Weight in Todays Society

Although it has never been particularly easy to lose weight, today’s society would appear to make it even more of a challenge. Whenever you enter a supermarket you’re surrounded by fancy packaging and special offers – usually on junk food – so that you may have the best of intentions when out shopping, but these can quickly be forgotten. Instead of picking up healthy foods that contain less fat and fewer calories, you can quite quickly find your basket full of chocolate, cake, ice cream and microwaveable meals. If you’re trying to lose weight it can therefore become extremely difficult to stick to a calorie-controlled diet, which is obviously necessary if you’re aiming to lose weight.

Weight loss has always been dependent on burning more calories than you consume, which may not have been as much of a problem in the past. A few decades ago more people were in jobs which required them to expend a bit of energy, while their daily lives involved more physical activity, anyway. If you didn’t own a car, which many people did not, you had to walk everywhere or else take your bike. You therefore had no choice but to burn some calories. However, technology has become more affordable for the general population so that more and more individuals have an easier life. Not only do you get to drive everywhere; household chores and work also involve very little physical activity.

At the same time as people are burning fewer calories, it has also become much easier to consume way more calories than you need. You can’t walk down your local high street without encountering at least half a dozen fast food outlets. Of course, nothing is forcing you to enter these establishments, but the smells can draw you in, while you also know that you can get a quick meal that will fill you up for very little money. Consequently, any thoughts of sticking to a diet can quickly go out the window.

Everyone can choose to lose weight if they want. The trouble is that it appears there is simply too much choice in today’s society. You may want to lose weight, but making the right choices can be a challenge when there are so many other opposing ones. Although you know that you have to do more exercise, when it is a toss-up between going to the gym and sitting on the sofa to watch television, there is a good chance the latter will win out. Unfortunately, it seems that today’s society makes it far too easy to get fat in the first place and thus more difficult to shift the weight.