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Why is Nutrition Important

Nutrition is one of those subjects that we take somewhat for granted in our society. We teach our kids about nutrition and we struggle as adults to follow proper nutrition. Some people are very disciplined about their nutrition and exercise, while others have long ago waved the white flag. Nutrition is one of those subjects that sounds good to most people but runs contrary to the way they want to live. We know we “should” eat healthy, but we also spend a tremendous amount of advertising money to sell “junk” food. In addition, we are happy to consumer it. Still, we hold on to that general assumption that nutrition is important. Here are a few thoughts on why we see nutrition as valued in our society.


I suppose that I shouldn’t assume that people want to live a long, “full” life. In fact, I guess I should assume that some people want to enjoy themselves as much as possible in the short-term without a great concern for the long-term effects. In other words, some people will go with the “full” part (no pun intended), but skip the long part. However, if people do want to live a long time, nutrition is a big part of that quest. There are countless studies that suggest nutrition aids the longevity of the mind, heart, and other body organs, as people get older.


Another reason nutrition is important is that it contributes to better quality of life. People that follow a solid regime of nutrition find that they have more energy, are sick less often, and just feel better. In other words, their day-to-day life is just happier and health issues don’t distract them. Pain and sickness are part of life to a certain extent, but life is a lot more enjoyable when people feel pretty good.


The other reason that nutrition is important is that it will save everyone money in the long run. The United States in particular is a very obese nation and that obesity leads to a lot more disease, which puts strain on the health care system. People like to complain about health care costs, but unfortunately we as citizens are somewhat to blame. If we took better care of ourselves, we wouldn’t need as much health.

Nutrition has a lot of benefits, which make it a very important aspect of our lifestyle. There is some joy in enjoying food that isn’t good for us, but in the long run we will experience greater happiness and satisfaction if we follow a pattern of good nutrition.