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Why Gym Class can Put Kids off Exersise

Physical education classes are an integral part of the school experience. However, unless your child is particularly co-ordinated or sports minded, learning about exercise in gym class can be an extremely intimidating, if not humiliating, experience.

Stripping Down The Change room

The average teen is fairly concerned with their image. Even the ones that act like they don’t care about anything are just hiding behind that attitude. Put plainly, puberty is a time of raging hormones and desperate attempts to stay ahead of body smells and hair growth that were not a problem a few short years ago.

Even without make-up, making sure the hair looks right is a goal that is diametrically opposed to getting excited about having to interrupt the day with something like gym class. Add to this having to get undressed in front of peers, some of whom may be friends and others may be either rivals or even bullies. Taking this into consideration it becomes easy to see how many begin to dread going into the change room.

Some People Have Other Talents

For some, team sports are a passion. But, there are a whole lot of people that just don’t get it. Not only are they less than co-ordinated on the field, they honestly don’t get the rules. Even though they may be trying hard to do well, they can’t help but wonder how everybody else is able to do so much better than them.

School is all about team sports. This is a basic function of large class sizes and only one or two teachers or coaches per group. However, many people do much better independently. Rather than appreciating this challenge, schools work towards pushing the group approach to the point that a kid’s self-worth is affected by the depth of their ability to take part in gym class.

Overcoming Appearance Issues

In recent years, baby wipes have been re-purposed and re-marketed toward an older audience. For teens that are not keen on taking showers at school, it is easy to throw in a package of wipes for a quick and discrete refresh.

As far as hair is concerned, teaching them a few tricks from the beauty pageant circuit may be useful. For instance, baby powder helps make dirty hair look clean. Throw a travel size bottle into their book bag. Another alternative is waterless, dry shampoo. This is a great way to refresh and revitalize the appearance of hair.

Children Should Be Taught Variety

School is one of the best places to get exposure to a wide variety of experiences. It is absolutely a wonderful thing for a kid that would never make a sports team to get the chance to play softball or run a football. However, there are many, many different ways of getting exercise. A good physical education program should include a proper mix which provides the opportunity to learn how to sweat in groups and alone.

The best thing to do is not to expect anything to change at school. Instead, augment what is being offerred at school by engaging your children in physical activity that is less intimidating and more suited to your specific child. Perhaps walking, riding bikes together, or even playing tennis on the Wii is right for your kid. Maybe it is something as simple as asking them to pitch in more around the house by dusting, vacuuming, or running up and down the stairs doing laundry. Whatever it is they are doing, kids need to understand that as long as they are not sitting still, they are exersising.